Home sellers probably already know the most desirable features that buyers look for in online home-for-sale descriptions. Houses with granite or quartz countertops, hardwood flooring, and updated kitchen and bath amenities tend to get first attention. But there are many buyers who have other priorities. Whether or not your home has these move-in ready updates, don’t neglect to mention in your online description some other important features your home has that buyers want.

Proximity to Attractions and Convenience. Are you near shopping, highways, restaurants, or parks? You might assume that buyers are searching by location, so they already know what’s nearby when coming across your home. Not all buyers are familiar with your area. Some may be relocating from out of town and searching near you because of a particular school district they’ve heard is good, but they don’t have a grasp of what else the area offers. Or maybe your home is just a half mile from the desirable location they want and they’d be happy to check out yours if you mention how close you are. Maybe you aren’t exactly in their target location, but the mention of a nearby university (where their son attends) or a large employer (where both spouses work) give you showings that lead to offers that you otherwise might not have had.

Storage. If you’re selling because you’ve outgrown your home, it might not cross your mind to mention your home’s storage. But once you remove years’ worth of collected goods, perhaps you have space worth bragging about. Showing your home in its best light isn’t just what you love about it. It may be something someone else loves. So after decluttering, make sure you mention closet space, extra nooks, large garages, basement storage, or attic space.

Organization. Many buyers are attracted to an organized living style. If you’ve invested in built-in closets or customized shelving for kitchens, bedrooms, baths, garage, or den, make sure buyers know. Do some decluttering so that only a minimal amount of goods are stored in these shelves. You want buyers to focus on the organizational advantage, not unappealing overstuffed shelves.

Energy Efficiency. If you’ve upgraded the efficiency of your home with items such as a tankless water heater, new insulation, dual-paned windows, or a high efficiency furnace, mention them! And if you’ve noticed a significant reduction in energy cost by any of these items, that’s a great selling point. Energy efficiency might not sound like an exciting feature, but it will give cost-conscience buyers more reason to consider your home.

Retirement Friendly or Multi-generational Living. There’s a growing population of people nearing retirement or looking for a place to live throughout their remaining years. Homes with a level entrance to the front door, single story layouts, or maintenance-free landscaping are highly desirable to this group. Even if you’re still in your prime, make note of features that might stand out to seniors. Similarly, multiple generations are now living together instead of aging parents going to retirement communities. These types of families are looking for homes with a second master suite on the first floor or “mother-in-law” units that are an extension of the home.

If your Realtor® is writing your home’s online description, make sure he highlights all of the features that expand the pool of your potential buyers. Once you’ve mentioned both the obvious and “hidden” advantages of your home, be sure you’ve prepped these elements to stand out in their best condition for buyers.

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