Interested in Selling your home?

Stage it!

When you List your home for sale with Platinum Service Realty, we include a free Staging Consultation! Staging is all about maximizing the sale price of your home by enhancing the positive features of your home while minimizing any negative ones. Tactically speaking, this typically involves removing any unnecessary items from your home, neutralized décor to appeal to the broadest array of Buyers, selective updates, and the addition of certain items to enhance the visual appeal of your home.

Price It Right!

When it comes to Selling your home, time is the enemy. Today’s Buyers have access to more information than ever about your home. If you price your home too high Buyers will know it, and make their offer on another home which is similar, yet priced lower. As the days pass by eventually you decide to lower the price, but then subsequent Buyers who visit your home will question why your home has been on the market so long! Is it something they can’t see? Is your neighborhood less desirable? Ultimately if they do make an offer it will be substantially less than the offer they would have made if the home was priced correctly on day one. When your home is priced correctly from the start, interested Buyers are concerned if they don’t make an offer they may lose the home to someone else. Pricing it right means getting the highest possible price, in the least amount of time. In short, when you price it right the psychology is in your favor, when you don’t it’s in the Buyers favor.

Free Market Analysis!

When you List your home for sale with Platinum Service Realty, we will conduct a free detailed Market Analysis to help get your home priced correctly for today’s Market and not overwhelm you with a list of every possible home that has ever sold in your neighborhood! We’re the experts; we’ll guide you through the process.

By staging your home and pricing it correctly, your home will stand out from the competition and generate the excitement that results in the highest possible sale price!

Custom Marketing Plan!

Once your home is priced for today’s market and ready to show, it’s time to let the world know! With more than 30 years of Marketing Experience, no one is more qualified to sell your home. We will develop a Custom Marketing Plan unique to your home using all available media, from traditional neighborhood canvassing to extensive internet and social media.

At Platinum Service Realty, we routinely sell homes in 45 days or less, at prices very close to asking price and we LOVE expired and cancelled listings from other Real Estate Brokerages! If you are thinking about selling your Cincinnati area home, please contact us today!

Grab a copy of our Free Sellers Checklist and CONTACT US now for a free In Home Consultation!

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