There’s little argument that having young kids in the home presents some challenges from time to time. From a design point of view, many parents think they need to sacrifice their favorite styles so that expensive pieces don’t get ruined by a toddler’s small hands and feet. Plus living in a sea of toys can seem like an inevitable clutter that will last until middle school. Before you decide that stylish décor and kids can’t mix, take a look at some practical compromises for a living room that meets both parents’ and kids’ needs.

Performance fabric Search for comfortable seating covered in performance fabric. These synthetic fabrics are designed to withstand a beating and repel stains better. Choose styles with a deep seat and removable cushions. Retailers such as Macy’s, Pottery Barn, and Wayfair usually carry furniture with performance fabric.

Hanging baskets Find large decorative baskets and hook them to the wall. Now you have decorative wall pieces that function as portable storage. Keep lightweight toys inside the baskets and devise a routine of getting them off the wall, then collecting them in the basket again to be put away when the little ones are finished playing.

Cubbies and canvas cubes Fortunately, these convenient storage devices come in solid colors so you aren’t required to have cartoon characters imprinted on your living room shelves. Canvas cubes can be organized with shoes, toys, and electronics. Just remember to purge items occasionally as toys get abandoned over time.

Adult colors on kid-friendly furniture Give the kids their own size furniture to sit at a table and discover coloring or picture books. If you choose furniture in natural wood, brown, black, or navy, you can complement adult furniture colors. What a relief it can be to avoid the pastel or bold primary colors in the living room.

Dual-purpose coffee table Rounded edges are preferred for kid safety, but also consider a style that’s trendy and budget-friendly rather than upscale. That way the table can function for your drinks and snacks but also be the spot for junior to play with a toy or color without the worry of damaging something expensive.

Storage ottoman Ottomans can function as foot stools or extra seating, but the storage kind is like having a disguised toy box. Lift the lid and tuck away all of grandma’s latest children’s gifts.

Decorative storage chest A wooden, wicker, or basket style chest warms up the style of the living room and also can be filled with plastic organizer trays for kid storage.

Bean bag chairs Bean bag furniture now comes in plenty of shapes and neutral colors to blend in with your grown-up pieces. Add them for stylish fun and for kids to play on.

There’s a lot on your plate with little ones in the house. Making sacrifices for your kids is a way of life for parents, but the living room is one area where you can get a bit creative to keep your fair share of the grown-up space. It just takes a little planning and selective shopping.

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Performance Fabric: Fabrics that are easy to clean and withstand the wear and tear of everyday life. Simple stains come out with a little water and blotting. Tough stains like coffee, cupcakes, and dirty paws should come out with some household or upholstery cleaner. Performance fabrics resist abrasion over the long term.

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