If you think the end of spring means you’ve missed the boat on selling your home, think again. While spring does typically bring a surge of buyers to the real estate market, it also brings a surge of sellers, meaning lots of neighborhood competition. Summer is by no means considered a relaxed market, but you might find less selling competition in your area than in spring. Realtors® in a variety of climates can list any number of selling advantages for all four seasons. Here are five advantages that a Midwest summer holds for you if you want to sell.

Advantage #1: People still need to move. The hold-outs from spring are the buyers who either lost in a competitive round of multiple offers or just didn’t find the home they wanted. But they still need to move. And if they have school-age children, they’d rather move before fall comes around. Your home could be just what they’ve been searching for during the past few months. And if they’re weary from the process of not getting what they want, chances are, they’re willing to pay more for a good find.

Advantage #2: Show off curb appeal in summer. Early spring blossoms aren’t the only attraction in town. Beautiful summer landscaping can really shine in summer months. Flowering plants against neatly mulched flower beds, green lawns mowed and edged, and fully-leafed trees create lush and inviting curb appeal. You won’t have the same nature’s advantage in the fall or winter to make such a mark with the outside of your home.

Advantage #3: For Sale signs gain visibility in summer. People are out driving, running, and walking more in the summer. They take off more days for vacation in the summer or for special projects, like house hunting! The Midwest summer weather invites people to get off their couches and outdoors. When they’re out and about, they’re more likely to notice what is for sale in their neighborhoods than in colder seasons.

Advantage #4: More outdoor home improvements are accomplished in the summer. Because you’re probably one of those people who is outdoors more in the summer, you’re better able to work on home projects outside. This is a critical step to get your home ready for the market. Exterior paint touch-ups, walkway or porch railing fixes, landscaping, deck power washing, roof fixes, and more are all improvement projects that help keep price offers higher and give you an edge over other homes for sale. These are steps that many home sellers skip in colder months because of weather inconvenience.

Advantage #5: You can use the summer as a test market for fall buyers. You’re always recommended to price your home according to market conditions, so don’t play a self-defeating game with price. But you can still test your home’s marketability in terms of its condition and features by putting it for sale in summer. For example, buyer comments such as the home feels drab, there’s a strange odor all over, the finishes are too outdated, or the layout is awkward, are very useful in figuring out where you need to focus your improvement efforts. Summer is a great time to take the time off you need to get your home in top shape for the fall selling season.

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