October 2021 – Short supply of many everyday items are in the news. Whether it’s due to the pandemic, worker shortages, overwhelmed ports, or resource demands, many items that have typically been readily available are facing supply problems. As you prepare for the holiday season and winter, take note of what you might need earlier than usual. Below is a list of seven items or categories of items to shop for sooner rather than later.

Popular Toys

Over 85% of toys are manufactured overseas. Many factories faced shutdowns during the pandemic and are behind in meeting demand, while others have product ready and waiting to ship. But supply chain issues with unloading containers in the U.S. and delivering products is creating major bottlenecks. Order early to ensure kids’ toys are available for the big gift-opening day.


As so many families celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas with this bird for dinner, retailers and distributors facing supply issues are predicting a shortage and higher prices. Last season, the shortage was on smaller and medium size turkeys because of families celebrating in smaller numbers. We could see more of the same this year. Consider buying frozen turkey early this year or plan a different main course.

Snowblowers and Shovels

An increase in snow fall in the U.S. and Canada has caused a surge in demand for snowblowers and snow shovels. This could be a concern for product availability issues as winter approaches. While snow blowers are often in shorter supply at the peak of winter, manufacturers are saying that stock may not even meet 50% of the demand in the 2021-22 season.

Air Purifiers

As people head indoors, they are turning to air purifiers to keep home, office, and school air safe. A steady increase in demand means the brand and price you’re looking for could be out of stock soon.

Patio Heaters

Last year, home owners wanted to extend outdoor entertaining due to the pandemic. Patio heaters offered a perfect solution, so it’s no surprise that the rush on this item led to a shortage. The demand may continue this season in regions where dining and gathering outdoors is still comfortable with an added heat source.

Vacation Rentals

While a rental is not something you can stock up, you may want to plan your summer vacation far in advance. Short-term rental site VRBO noted a sharp increase in rentals in popular U.S. destinations this past summer. If you tried to book something affordable last-minute, you already felt the squeeze in availability. Depending on your destination, waiting until winter to book a rental could be too late to get exactly what you want.

Canned Goods and Beverages

An aluminum shortage was the culprit behind shortages in canned goods and beverages last year. Even as the shortage eases up in 2021, there are other issues such as a shortage in truck drivers, backlog in label printing, and low storage availability that has further delayed or prevented deliveries of canned items. That’s why you may continue to see some varieties of your favorites missing from the grocery store shelves.

Real Estate Term of the Week

Caveat Emptor A Latin phrase meaning “let the buyer beware.” In real estate, this term often means that a buyer is purchasing a home “as is,” that is, without repair, despite any major flaws, known or unknown, at the time of purchase.

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