Are you putting off a full-blown kitchen remodel because of the big dollar signs? Here are some quick pick-me-up ideas that can make a big difference without jumping into tens of thousands of dollars and taking months to complete.

Accessory Swap-Out

Just as jewelry adds interesting flair to an outfit, hardware does the same for the kitchen. Take a look at handles, knobs, towel rods, and hinges as potential areas for modernizing. These are easy components to replace with something sleek and smooth functioning. If you want to introduce a more upscale feel, consider moldings and trims that enhance what you already have in the kitchen.

New Lighting

Examine lighting for food-prep work space as well as where you eat. Update the kitchen with modern light fixtures that fit your purpose while adding a statement to the overall design of the room.

Paint and Refinishing

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for any room, especially the kitchen. Not only do scuffs and scratches get covered, you can add new brightness with a different color that complements the cabinets, countertops, and flooring. Consider an accent wall of a different shade or adding a subtle design. Staining or painting the cabinets is another route you can do yourself if you’re up for the labor.

Clean Current Appliances or Replace a Key Appliance

Removing grease or water stains and dirt helps make appliances look new again. Also, if you have an old appliance that is on the brink of dying, replace it with something high-end, like a wide French-door fridge. It can really spruce up the kitchen and offer additional functionality for the family.

Get Sophisticated with Organization

Many home stores offer tons of ideas on how to make kitchens more organized with products like drawer dividers, modular trays, sliding shelves, drawer gliders, pantry containers, and more. Determine where things tend to get hidden, lost, or mixed in with the wrong items, and go from there.

Attend to Grout Lines, Flooring, and the Backsplash

If the grout on tile floors or backsplash need help, try professional quality cleaning to make the lines look new. While these tasks can be done on your own, an experienced service may have better tools to employ that give a high-end result. If the hardwood floors are looking dirty or warn, it could be time for refinishing.

New Countertop or a Facelift for the Current One

Swapping out the old kitchen countertop is a more costly step, but if you aren’t doing a lot of reconfiguration, you might find it a good compromise in lieu of an entire remodel. New quartz, granite or other material can give the entire room a substantially different appeal. And if a replacement isn’t on your to-do list, you can always re-polish and re-seal older granite countertops.

Real Estate Term of the Week

Energy Star: A program supported by the U.S. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) that recognizes products that are energy efficient. Energy Star labels can be found on products ranging from air conditioners to kitchen appliances and more.

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