The outside of your home makes the first impression on potential buyers. Before they even enter your house, they already have a good, iffy, or bad feeling based on what they see as they walk toward the front door. If you are selling in spring, you have the best opportunity to wow buyers with a warm, welcoming landscape and home exterior. And it doesn’t have to cost much to achieve. Here are 10 easy DIY tips that will excite buyers from the curb!

1. Accent landscaping with river rocks. River rocks add an element of visual interest that you don’t always see in a front yard. Use one consistent size and color or mix and match a variety of shapes and colors that complement one another. Not only are they great for borders, they can be used in larger areas to reduce yard maintenance while providing an intentional landscape design.

2. Spruce up your door. Look at the front door from a buyer’s perspective. Is it in obvious need of replacement? Or would some refinishing or new paint easily make it look like new? The front door is one of the main features that pop when looking at the house from the front yard, so make sure your door makes a statement. Add a simple seasonal accent wreath or decoration for an added touch.

3. Clean walkways and decks. Concrete walkways, patios, and front decks may need a good power-washing to remove grime and dirt. Power-washers are relatively inexpensive to rent if you don’t have one. The difference a good cleaning makes will make you wish you did this years ago for your own family’s enjoyment.

4. Add color with flowers and planters. Take advantage of the season. Put some fresh color on the front of your home with plenty of blooming flowers in planters and fresh mulch in flower beds and around trees. The mulch makes flower color pop. You don’t have to spend a fortune on landscaping. Addressing the basics of flowers and foliage around your front stoop or accent areas in your front yard will increase excitement from the curb.

5. Trim trees and bushes gone wild. Take a look at trees and bushes around your yard. Any overgrowth will give a wild, unkempt look to your home. Trim them up and clear out any dead ones that you’ve ignored in the past.

6. Use rubber mulch. Do you ever wonder how some people get their plant beds to pop with color? They might be using rubber mulch, which comes in different colors and adds an eye-opening contrast to its surroundings. This mulch is also good for plants, keeping out weeds and fungi. With a simple purchase at a home improvement store, you can scale up the look of your landscape.

7. Accent the front porch or garden with furniture. Whether you buy a new chair or refurbish an old flea market bench, outdoor furniture helps create an approachable, welcoming message to buyers. Make sure the pieces you choose are in good condition. If you already have a chair or bench outdoors, adding some brightly colored accent pillows helps improve the look.

8. Clean the roof. The roof of a house can truly make or break curb appeal if it’s dull or stained with dirt. Cleaning a roof doesn’t often register with home owners because they’ve grown used to their home’s appearance and haven’t taken a closer look. Don’t assume that rain washes away all grime. If the problem is mainly appearance, not function, then hire a professional to give it a thorough, safe cleaning.

9. Make over your mailbox. If you have a curbside mailbox, check out these brilliant mailbox makeovers. Whether you choose a new box and post or just spruce up the old ones, adding some décor to the mailbox creates an accent piece to your yard all on its own. You can even add some landscaping around the post.

10. Upgrade outdoor hardware. If you have builder-grade brass knobs and door knocker, give them an upgrade. If you don’t want to buy new ones, remove and spray paint in a dark color that complements your door. Check out your house numbers, too. Are they too small and hidden, chipped, or worse, missing a number? Replace them with something contemporary and visible. Or spray paint with a color that pops against the house.

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Sweat Equity: An increased value in a property earned from the homeowner’s labor toward upkeep or restoration.

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